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This was a wonderful experience. Deepa is a very intelligent and interesting person and her food adventure opened our eyes to the wide variety of delicious food types and dishes of souther India. Thank you Deepa Bill, David and Andrew.


Foodies’ combination driving and beach walk food tour provide a delicious introduction to the street snacks of Tamil Nadu. We very much enjoyed Aamirah’s company and stories. She provided a personalized introduction to local eateries that are popular for a reason—they serve simple, good food! Sambar vadai was a marvellous local discovery, and the evening beach scene was a special treat. We would have enjoyed the tour even more if orders could be pre-arranged with the restaurants to ensure availability of dishes.


we enjoyed a wonderful evening with deepa discovering chennai’s food places. she could tell a lot of stories about the food, the neighbourhoods and the life of this city. thank you

S Jenoe

We had an interesting and very tasty night out. It was the perfect thing to do right after arriving in Tamil Nadu, as you immediately get to know plenty variety of South Indian food.

Deepa is the perfect guide and is a great company, answering all your (stupid) questions, and having a lot to tell.


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