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You can read a million recipes and have the best cooks cook for you, but still you can never taste the ‘native’ taste of a cuisine unless you eat it where it originated. We at THE HUNGRY TRAVELLER offer you the chance to experience the local cuisine as the natives do. We take you to places where no guide book can lead you to. Come and enjoy the local ‘tastes’. Devour as much as you can. These tours are for those who love their food !


Praveena Mukunthan of FoodiesDayOut @ Madurai hosts Anubhav Sapra to experience the authentic food on the streets of Madurai

Anubhav Sapra is an avid foodie! He is a Founder but proudly calls himself a Foodie-in-chief at Delhi Food Walks. He is also a street-food and Indian regional cuisine connoisseur and loves to write about street-food.

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  •   Soundar provided a most delicious and memorable evening traversing the residential districts of Madurai on a foodie adventure among the locals. Aside from some terrific family restaurants the real value for us was a guided (and safe) tour through the offerings of many street vendors...More

    thumb Tom3447

      I have to give a big recommendation to Soundar for an excellent tour around town on his bike taking me to a wide variety of really tasty eating. His knowledge and enthusiasm was top notch, made for a really enjoyable solo tour. We found plenty...More

    thumb Juiceph3

      We did the evening food tour. Soundar our guide was awesome. His knowledge and passion for the food of Madurai is exceptional. He picked us up from our hotel and then followed a wonderful insight into the local delicacies. And it was the variety that...More

    thumb Pahari

      LOVED IT! We heard that Madurai was a foodie paradise, but on our own it had been a little hard to find the right places. This was a fantastic opportunity to learn about Madurai food, the city itself and the culture. Our guide, Soundar, is...More

    thumb dotravelguy

      When booking this tour, we hoped to be able to taste several local specialities and discover more about Madurai cuisine, which is exactly what we found! Soundar, our tour guide, guided us through various establishments to taste different dishes: sweet, savory, snacks, fruit, juices, etc....More

    thumb melodytayenne

      It was the best food tour I ever had in my life! Soundar, the tour guide was amasing! The food and the drinks was tasty and representative for Madurai and the places was authentic and full of life! I will recomande to every tourist in...More

    thumb toratora09
  •   Had the best night eating and tasting different kinds of Tamil dishes and beverages, with our energetic, knowledgeable and charming guide - Sounder. The tour gives you a close look on the local ingredients and tastes, enriching your Tamil experience. Much recommend!

    thumb 824yuvalk

      I thoroughly enjoyed the tour conducted by the young and enthusiastic Soundar. He’s very professional but friendly too. His knowledge of eateries in Madurai is amazing. He even recommended a hotel for my stay and it was excellent. I strongly recommend this tour to everyone.

    thumb meerarao

      Highly recommend if you get the opportunity. I normally don’t do much food tours as I enjoy to go out explore by my own but this was 110% worth it! Soundar was a great guide who was also really helpful with giving me useful info...More

    thumb aklara123

      An excellent way to sample Madurai’s specialities off the beaten track. We visited restaurants and food stalls which enabled us to taste a very broad range of food.

    thumb colinneile

      When it comes to food, the streets are the one place which could give you a holistic picture of the culinary practices and cultures prevailing in the region, that too at some really affordable prices. And when it comes to a city like Madurai, its...More

    thumb Yash_Kumar_Singh

      Highly recommend this. We spent an evening with Praveena, the effervescent founder of FDO. Her first stop was a real fumble - she took us to the Murugan Idli Shop, and proceeded to order everything we had had for lunch. We immediately stopped her, but...More

    thumb Owen B
  •   I had a great time trying food around the city and learning about the city at the same time. Soundar was very kind and helpful! I wish I could have spent more time getting to know him and the city.

    thumb Ben S

      I cannot rate this foodie tour too highly. It was totally fabulous!!! From the moment Praveena Mukunthan picked us up in a comfortable car from our hotel, to when we were delivered back 3 ½ hours later totally satiated, we were well cared for. I’ve...More

    thumb stiviji

      As the name suggests, it's a memorable day out for any foodie. We visited with Soundar, an enthusiastic and charming guy who is passionate about food. Soundar arranged everything nicely - we just brought ourselves in and enjoyed the evening over mouth watering food and...More

    thumb Tuhin2015

      We did a evening food tour with santosh.. being vegetarians we were sure our food tour would end in an hours time! Our guide was a passionate young man who took us around tirelessly till we told him no more!!!! Wonderful evening spent with lovely...More

    thumb dwarakamala

      We have tried food tours around the world and love them as a way of learning more about a citiy' culture and of course the food that you don’t get in hotels and tourist restaurants. Soundar's tour of Madurai was no exception and we had...More

    thumb PJN66

      Had an excellent time together with Soundar at my side: Great ride thru town to places I would not have gone myself. Yummy food I had never before tried and would not have found myself. All in all a perfect experience to recommend for any...More

    thumb Pascal R
  •   We heard about Foodies Day Out first when we saw them featured on Delhi Food walks on YouTube. So when we made plans to visit Madurai, we were excited to go on the tour ourselves and we were thoroughly entertained! Soundar, our guide was very...More

    thumb ramnathb2013

      We are a Dutch family of 4 and booked Foodies Day Out in Madurai on our roundtrip of south India. Although we already had quite some variety of south Indian food before, Soundar still managed to amaze us with one great snack after the other....More

    thumb Climber640938

      Best food service I enjoy really with my wife and my children. Mumbai is a great city in India I visited many other places I really like Mumbai

    thumb dipak08

      Great evening travelling round Madurai by bike and sampling all the great food. Would recommend! Thanks Soundar.

    thumb Sekimotto

      Great evening of tasting lots of local food we would not normally have found. Soundar was a very good host and guide. Would strongly recommend the tour if you are in Madurai.

    thumb Castara03

      The street food tour was the perfect way to spend our first evening in Madurai. Soundar was a great host - knowledgeable, friendly and fun! He made sure our dietary requirements were taken into account and even though we love and cook Indian food a...More

    thumb Crnld
  •   We had a great evening with Soundar exploring the best food Madurai has to offer. Soundar was really knowledgeable, spoke fantastic English and was great fun to spend the evening with - we couldn’t have hoped for a better guide to the city. We went...More

    thumb CeciliaGib

      Really enjoyable evening with Soundar who is extremely knowledgeable about his city and it’s food. Ate lots of new things and am now feeling very full! Top marks.

    thumb bod75

      Had a fabulous one on one food tour with Soundar. We travelled by motorcycle as it is faster to get around. We had alot of wonderful food (photos can be seen here) and he gave me lots of stories and insights into how the food...More

    thumb PalateSensations

      This excellent tour was guided by Soundar. We visited a number of eating places for savoury and sweet foods, as well as the opportunity to see how they were made. We visited places, where, unguided we might have been hesitant to visit. Explanations of how,...More

    thumb Intenditore

      -The experience is super smooth: a car picks you up from your hotel, drives you to all the eating stations, the guide takes care of all payments, and then you are driven back to settle the payment for the tour (cash only) at the end....More

    thumb TrainSpottt

      Good to know there are these many cuisines in madurai,it's really a good guide if u want to try varieties in madurai. They even make u explore the tiniest but the yummiest place that is available in Madurai.. A must try Tour..

    thumb Jeemanoj
  •   My wife and I had a great night trying all the different flavours of Madurai. Soundar was absolutely amazing and shared lots of information not only about the food but everything Madurai. He drove us around iconic places and we felt safe the whole time....More

    thumb rak3sh84

      Foodies Day Out in Madurai was an excellent experience. We were driven from one delightful taste experience to the next and next. We tried delicious street snacks, main meal and desserts, that we wouldn’t have eaten if we’d not gone on the foodies tour. Really...More

    thumb 9natashaf

      We’re so glad we decided to do Foodies day out. We got to try lots of street food that we wouldn’t have been brave enough to try ourselves and lots of information about the food and the city. Sounder was a perfect host, friendly and...More

    thumb N5467FLsarahj

      A definite highlight of our trip so far - Praveena arranged our 3 hour food walk superbly, introducing us to delicious local foods we would never have known about. Her delightful manner and wealth of knowledge about the local cuisine ( and many other things...More

    thumb BG0511

      This was our best night in Madurai! We tasted so many differenct foods and visited locations all over town. Our guide Soundar was so nice and made our Foodies Night Out very special, also telling us a lot about Indian culture and everyday life. It...More

    thumb stellaindien

      Soundar was a very knowledgable guide who took us to a number of food stalls and restaurants. The food was exceptional and so varied

    thumb tomd347
  •   We have never been on a good tour before but will do in the future after our evening with Soundar. He was excellent, taking us to such a variety of experiences. We was fun, knowledgable and accommodated our food preferences. Highly recommended.

    thumb T3044NBhelenr

      Great way to try out different local foods whilst seeing different parts of the City that tourists normally don’t visit. Don’t eat anything before you go though. We were very well fed!

    thumb JrMf-L-2020

      We had a great experience on the street food tour of Madurai with Soundar. We learnt a lot about South Indian cuisine and the history of Madurai. There was a great variety of dishes to taste l. We ate at some places I would never...More

    thumb W7583MXstephaniel

      It was a wanderfull experience with young Saudar as a guide.Its great to be taken to very local places that are not easy to visit as a tourist. Although, we came to India so Manny times we still tried Manny things on the tour that...More

    thumb 5237

      We've been traveling around South India for about three weeks and Foodie's Day Out Madurai is one of the highlights of our whole trip! Soundar was an excellent guide. He took us to delicious places that had options for our dietary restrictions, and he treated...More

    thumb Laurainindia2019

      This was just awesome Very professional and friendly guide Amazing food discoveries Only issue: it’s hard to continue with any plan you made after this tour, you need to digest first ;))))

    thumb tibobeardo
  •   We had the best possible time on our night food tour of Madurai. Fantastic guide, brilliant street food, memorable experience and one of the highlights of what was a simply sensational holiday. We are real foodies and learned so much about Madurai and its sensational...More

    thumb janemcc

      Our guide Soundar showed us Madurai and its streetfood. I loved all the different food. I have been in India before but what a surprises! Was really nice, Soundar is an enthusiastic and friendly guide, We had a great night and I highly recommend this...More

    thumb Jacqueline P

      I did this trip with Soundar and found him to be a food lover and a guide who knows his city. We tried various delicacies including one that I have never tried before - the top tender part of a coconut palm. I think my...More

    thumb kashgo

      We had a great time with Soundar exploring the tastes on Madurai. Lots of flavours and experiences with the shops and food stands. We couldn’t answer the quiz, but it was good nonetheless. It’s also a good time to see a different area of Madurai...More

    thumb LoveTravel280178

      I had a great time exploring Madurai's local food scene with Soundar. He was kind and patient with me, and also gave really thoughtful responses. I learned a lot about the cultural background of each cuisine we tried. I'd definitely recommend this tour to anyone...More

    thumb sumilumi

      We had a wonderful time exploring the local and street foods of Madurai. Thanks to our guide Mr Soundar, a young, enthusiastic and well informed, who made our tour special. This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Madurai! Well done!

    thumb barathiv
  •   Did a food tour with Soundar on feb 26th 2020. He knows the city and its culture well and made the tour fun and interesting. It was an amazing experience as he took us around the city making us taste various drinks, snacks, sweets, mains...More

    thumb srishmohite

      This was an awesome opportunity to both explore Madurai and taste lots of delicious food with a great guide. Not the cheapest activity you can do but definitely worth the price if, like me, you live to eat.

    thumb Bryce G

      Great evening out where you discover places you would not find yourself, you taste the local foods, a discovery! Learned a lot as well on the indian culture! Thanks !

    thumb LieveV186

      Our host Sonder was very attentive to our diet needs and picked us up for a wonderfil rvening tastimg delicious Madurai food! We had a lot of fun trying out delicacies from Madurai. Dont miss it!

    thumb sufont

      Very neat and clean this hotel. Hygienic food items. Different varieties of foods are available. Parking specialities available.

    thumb RAMBILLA

      We have covered a few well know places, but the actual experience of local food in Madurai is found on the streets. This part is entirely dedicated to the gems of Madurai. To explore the unknown we were on a food tour organized by the...More

    thumb hyd_foodexplorer
  •   we spent 3 hours exploring veg cuisine around Madurai. Though from Tamil Nadu, I hadn't heard of some of the dishes. Soundar's enthusiasm and love for his home town made the trip even more enjoyable. Highlights were the paruti paal, keerai vadai, karpatti aapam &...More

    thumb nirugoes

      Great evening out where you discover places you would not find yourself, you taste the local foods, a discovery! Learned a lot as well on the indian culture! Thanks !

    thumb LieveV186

      Our host Sonder was very attentive to our diet needs and picked us up for a wonderfil rvening tastimg delicious Madurai food! We had a lot of fun trying out delicacies from Madurai. Dont miss it!

    thumb sufont

      Very neat and clean this hotel. Hygienic food items. Different varieties of foods are available. Parking specialities available.

    thumb RAMBILLA

      We have covered a few well know places, but the actual experience of local food in Madurai is found on the streets. This part is entirely dedicated to the gems of Madurai. To explore the unknown we were on a food tour organized by the...More

    thumb hyd_foodexplorer

Some Good Reasons

Why explore the temple city with us?


We are not your regular tour guides. We do this because we love our food and want to share our passion with foodies travelling to our city. Our foodies are Doctors, Engineers, Businessmen, Architects etc who share a common passion – FOOD. We are your local friends taking you out to have good food and share stories and experiences.


We have something in common..passion for FOOD. Come indulge in the local food with your local foodies. We really know that hidden eatery that serves awesome food.


Our tours are focussed on safety of our friends travelling to our city. We make sure we know your food preferences well in advance like Veg/Non-Veg, any allergies, heat level etc. during confirmation of your food tour. We carry reputed bottled water only during the tours. The eateries we take you to are tried and tested by our team over multiple visits.