The roots of every cuisine’s original flavour can be traced to two places… either to the royal kitchen or to the local streets. In a country where having a fully functional kitchen at home is a luxury, the street food stalls offer solace for the millions of poor. They are affordable, authentic and most of all delicious. In this tour you can Walk down the streets along with us and We will provide you a glimpse and mouth full of local delicacies. You will also be taken to couple of restaurants to taste the ‘signature’ dishes of our city.

What we offer

  • Take you to different restaurents to taste the local flavours.
  • Take you to couple of road side eateries.
  • Walk/Drive you though the city’s most authentic eateries.
  • Provide you a gastronomical experience.

What you need to bring

  • A good apetitie and an adventerous taste bud.
  • A sportive attitude to try new items.
  • Your camera – click away your experience!

Group size

Minimum 2 ADULTS
Single? Kindly send in your inquiry.

Tour Cost

ADULT : INR.2000.00
CHILD : INR.1000.00 Child age limit : 4-12 years

PEAK SEASON – 1st December to 31st January
ADULT : INR.2500.00
CHILD : INR.1250.00


You can pay by cash to the food guide at the beginning of the tour.

You can also pay through paypal in USD (FYI: Paypal payments are liable to 5% charges levied by Paypal and currency conversion costs).
Kindly let us know your mode of payment during enquiry.

What's included

  • Cost of food & beverages during the tour
  • Reputed bottled water
  • A personal foodie guide
  • Transfers from and to your place of stay

To truly enjoy the experience of the ‘street food tour’ leave behind your inhibitions and hygine constraints. Thousands of people eat everyday at these places and they are all alive and kicking. Come with an open mind, and gulp in as much as you can. It would be once in a life time experience.


All days of the week.
Timing : 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM
Tours may not be operated on local holidays or un announced bandhs. Please book in advance to avoid disappointment.


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